Florida College (FC) Carolinas Booster club represents willing alumni and FC supporters to band together for projects that benefit the college and young people who want to enroll at FC for higher education.

First, FC Carolinas Booster Club help FC directly by raising funds, which are used in two ways, depending on the desires of the club. Clubs make donations to the general fund of the school, as well as special projects they want to underwrite.   And most clubs establish scholarship funds, which money helps reduce tuition for students in the Carolinas.

Second, FC Carolinas Booster Club enlightens young people about the FC experience. This is done in a variety of ways.  Events like Summer Camp and Trips to FC High School days.

Third, another purpose of the booster club is actually a by-product of the first two purposes.  A booster club enables Christians in your area to get together for social contact not likely to occur otherwise.  Booster clubs organize pot-lucks, carnivals, talent shows, plays, singings, summer camps and numerous other events which bring together people in a wholesome atmosphere.

Current Officers:

(Acting) President – Derek Wilkins

Vice President – TBD

Treasurer – Greg Crawford

Secretary – Karol Sandusky


Former President – Dean Franklin (1000 Thank-you’s to our dear friend.  None of this would have happened without you)