As a primary function of this booster club, we will be posting a Scholarship Application in this section.  We will also post all current and past Scholarship Recipients.

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If you are considering a scholarship from the Booster Club, you must first be accepted by the admissions office at Florida College.  Please click here if you haven’t applied to Florida College yet – Florida College Admissions Office

Deadline to apply for a Florida College Scholarship is June 5th.  Decisions will be made before July 1st, for the Fall Semester.  If you are awarded, funds will be appropriated at Florida College directly in your account.  If you have any issues with the form below, please us the Contact Us on our website and we will address any questions or concerns you may have.

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Please answer the following questions with the help of your parents. In the event your family refuses to help you answering these questions, do the best you can on your own and provide a brief note in the comments section below.
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You are asking the Booster Club for financial help in your education. We believe we should expect your firm determination to do your best to be academically successful; not to become involved in extra-curricular activities at the expense of your academic

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